‘Factor of 12’ / Exhibition / Outdoor / Performance

May 2018

And on a sunny day I decided to return to this places and do an exhibition / performance in the same site that I took them 8 years ago. And we are returning to this place as a family, and Peter takes photographs of myself holding the print in front of me. My son who is now 9 years old carries my folder full of different prints.

I do like the result of the exhibition/performance. However, I did not enjoy the performance itself which I find too stressful. Perhaps it is a question of habit.




Photographies / Screen Printing

I decided to make few prints using this three photographs. But I didn’t want to reproduce an identical image what I already see in this pictures. Why should I? I decided to create a colour contrast, a bold statement. Or maybe it is a refusal to conform to the mundane everyday.




December 2009

A morning in December 2009 my friend Anja, called me and asked me to join her and her daughter for an early walk in an unusual snowy Cambridge. For some reason my husband Peter was at home this day? As a family we decided to leave as soon as possible to enjoy the snow and to be sure that the city centre will stay the least untouched; I said yes immediately. I literally jumped in my jeans and ran around my home to collect essential things for my son 9 months old son Leonard. I reached for my camera and soon we were walking on the white fresh snow along the Cam and reach the city centre with all his historic buildings. Then we decided to visit a few colleges and took photographs to seal this moment. 

It was a spontaneous sharing moment, calm and so agreeable. 

The photographs that I took stayed in my mind. Or is it a fusion of this exact moment that makes me remember these Pictures?

I love this photographs as they are. I think that photography it is the perfect medium to capture a moment, an emotion.


Photographies / Screen Printing

This prints are from photographies I took a few years ago around Cambridge, in the country side. The walks have been always a source of inspiration and a tranquil time. I am still walking at this place on regularly basics with my family.






Celestial / Sun – Moon -Stars / Cardboard, wallpaper, strings and shellac

The intriguing power of the elements.





Exchange / Zines: Tell a story

An introduction day to the ‘Zines’:  ‘The Zines: Tell a Story’, gave me the opportunity to present my work in another light, even my scraps, which gave them another lease of life.







Exchange / Human Anatomy

An indispensable day: The course entitled ‘The human Anatomy’ offered a recapitulative of the essentials of human anatomy.





I’ll be your Princess if you be my Prince /Mixed Media / Transfer newspaper and print

What makes me uncomfortable is the make-to-believe business behind the stereotypes like princesses and super heroes that are inflicted onto small children, leading to a discrepancy between fiction and reality, which in turn produces disappointment they will experience later as teenager or young adult; it will make them feel like failure.


Cross Course Collaboration

BA Fine Art, BA VFX and BA Games Art and Design NUA

‘Business as Usual’

A Guide to Surviving Climate Change



Please follow the link below

BA2 b Cross course presentation


Unknown World / Mixed Media / oil paintings, wax crayon, ink

I chose and created the card with the dinosaur thinking about my son. It can make him smile, and amuse him.