Artist Statement

My story began 5 years ago. I found myself one day in front of a mirror and I did not recognise myself any more. I had no more interests in what surrounded me; my desire was simply fading away.

After a long moment of inertia, I jostled things and time with all its possibilities offered itself to me. I then started Art and Crafts courses which opened the doors to an Art Foundation and eventually to BA (Hon) at NUA. This journey allowed me to redefine myself as a person and become an artist.

To be an artist is to observe oneself, to be involved in the world that is infinite, abstract, material, made of materials, natural, unique, diversified. I leave each one to his own interpretation.

Being an artist is an active step, it is opening a dialogue, a reflection by his works, his performances.

Being an artist addresses the big questions of our world and of our time: Social, environmental and political questions.

Art by its principle is subjective, but Art is also interactive. It has many facets, it offers a comfort or smile by a projection of our imagination. It is a discussion with oneself, an interaction with others, a way of asking oneself the essential questions.

The artist is an activist in his studio, in a gallery, in the street or in an outdoor space.